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Resolving your complaints

Share your concerns and find an answer

We’re sorry that you’re not happy with our service

We'll do all we can to help and respond as quickly as we can.

To get started complete the complaints form and tell us what happened. If you have an HSBC Premier or Jade relationship, the fastest way to resolve your issue is by contacting your relationship manager or if you prefer, fill out the online complaint form.

For complete details on how to raise a complaint with us, please refer to our Resolving Your Complaints brochure:

What happens next?

Our representatives are able to resolve most of our customers' concerns. However, if you’re not satisfied with how our representatives resolved your concerns, you can escalate further following steps 2 and 3 below.

Start with an HSBC Representative

We’ll acknowledge your concern and get back to you once our investigation is complete.

HSBC Escalated Complaints team

Contact this team only if you’ve followed Step 1 and you’re not happy with how your concern was handled. 

Where step 1 hasn’t been followed, your inquiry will be directed to the proper department.

The team will investigate and respond to you once their investigation is complete.

Escalate to HSBC Commissioner of Complaints

If you’re not satisfied with the resolution after following Step 1 and Step 2, you may escalate further to the HSBC Commissioner of Complaints.

The Commissioner of Complaints will get back to you with an impartial review of your complaint and HSBC’s final decision.

Complaints for other business areas

If you’re not happy with our private investment counsel service or investment counsellor, follow the process in the brochures below:

Resolution through external complaint bodies

If you’re not satisfied with the action taken by us to resolve your concern, you may contact one of the external bodies below.

Not a complaint, but you want to give us feedback or tell us something?

Chat with us now or email

You can:


  • Chat with us now by selecting ‘Need Help?’ in the right-hand side of the screen or
  • Email us

Give us a call

Toll free:

Personal Banking:

1-888-310-HSBC (4722)


HSBC Premier or Jade:



HSBC Fusion:

1-877-955-HSBC (4722)


Business and Corporate Banking: Contact your Relationship Manager


Outside of Canada and the US:

(Long distance charges apply where collect calls are not available)


Personal Banking:

1-604-525-HSBC (4722)


HSBC Premier or Jade:



HSBC Fusion:

1-647-251-HSBC (4722)


Business and Corporate Banking: Contact your Relationship Manager

HSBC branch

For help finding the HSBC branch closest to you, use our convenient Branch Locator or book an appointment.

Write to us

Use the branch locator to find the branch address you’re looking for.

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